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Korean delegation from Ministry of Government Legislation visits IIASL

On 31 August 2022, a delegation from the Korean Ministry of Government Legislation visited the International Institute of Air and Space Law (IIASL) at Leiden University as part of their official visit to the Netherlands. The delegation’s visit was aimed at exchanging knowledge and experience on interaction among the government, local government, and various educational institutes such as universities.

The main focus of delegation's visit to IIASL, was on how the IIASL interacts with the national government in relation to policy and legal development in the ever-changing aviation and space industry. This is currently of interest to the Korean government as a new mission into space was launched in August.  

The delegation, composed of 15 governmental legal officials from the head ministerial office and all provincial educational offices under the Ministry, including the head of the delegation, Madam Director Mihyang Yang, who manages the Office of Society and Culture within the Ministry, including education.

Professor Steven Truxal, Ms Choi and Ms Stefoudi of the IIASL teamed up to present our expertise on the existing political and legal frameworks in air and space. They also exchanged thoughts on the basic, but prominent, issues relevant to the current situation in Korea. Interpretation and substantial input was provided in the presentation of our own Korean colleague, Jin Choi, both on the air and space sectors. Our PhD candidates, Mr Tian and Mr Shi, and our new guest researcher Dr Bonin, also joined to share the IIASL's international and broad academic interest with the delegation.

The IIASL also shared with the delegation Leiden University's motto: Libertatis Praesidium, which is the basis of the interaction between us in society, to make honest differences and changes, domestically and internationally.

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