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Launch D&I Calendar 2022-2023

Following the success of the pilot calendar that was launched earlier this year, a new D&I calendar for the academic year 2022-2023 has been developed. This calendar is an effort to build awareness and a cultural understanding of important religious holidays and other special observances of the diverse groups within our academic community.

The D&I Calendar includes religious holiday and important dates related to diversity, inclusion and wellbeing. The calendar can be useful for planning meetings, events, and other communications.

Example of an agenda item

The calendar can be downloaded as an iCalendar file by those who want to add these dates to their own Outlook, Google, or Apple calendar. A colour-coded distinction is made between religious holidays and other D&I dates. The description of the agenda item provides additional information about the observances. For example, for religious holidays, information is included about possible dietary restrictions and work/study restrictions for staff members and students.

In addition to the iCalendar file, we also provide a PDF-file with an annual overview that can be downloaded and/or printed to hang up in your office.

This calendar is not comprehensive, so feedback and recommendations are welcome. If you feel something is missing, please contact Aurelie van ‘t Slot so we can review your request and make appropriate changes.

The calendar does not give employees or students the right to demand that certain activities do not take place on religious holidays, except for official public holidays in the Netherlands.

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