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Leiden Law Op 1 marks the start of a new and innovative academic year

On Tuesday 6 September, the faculty year 2022-2023 got off to a great start with Leiden Law Op 1, our yearly talkshow live from the Kamerlingh Onnes Gebouw. Together with the Faculty Board, academic staff and students, we looked ahead to the upcoming academic year.

The show was once again presented by Lotte Kremers and Bastiaan Rijpkema. Dean Joanne van der Leun opened the event, delighted that things are happening once more at the KOG: ‘It’s come alive again!’ She also talked about a new European collaboration programme in which Leiden Law School will be actively participating this year.

Attention was also paid to current events. Jannemieke Ouwekerk, Professor of European Criminal Law, informed us about her involvement in a core group within the University who will be brainstorming on academic freedom. Assistant Professor Rogier Kegge talked about the nitrogen crisis from an administrative law perspective.

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Then it was time for the researchers: Eduard Fosch Villaronga discussed how social media addresses gender. Will artificial intelligence be able to solve the problems surrounding the issue or will it simply generate more problems? Linda Geven talked about her research on false confessions. She will be going into more detail on the topic during the Brain & Law event on 16 September. And finally, Vanessa Mak talked about consumer rights: as a customer you have the right to return goods within 14 days without justification. This may be good for consumers, but what about sustainability?

Dirk Visser, Micheal Klos and Martijn Nouwen joined the table to discuss education and talked about their innovations in teaching. Irem Çakir talked about her project the Leiden Law Cast and Rick Rodenburg reflected on how the OLC had been able to weather the pandemic.


At the end of the show, several prizes were awarded. Assessor Julie Külsen presented the JVSO Innovation prize to Mojdeh Kobari and Egbert Koops for the innovations they implemented in their teaching over the last year. Student Lotte Dekker was presented the Legatum Böckelmanianum by Tom Liefaard; she obtained the highest average grade last year and completed her propaedeuse summa cum laude.

The final item on the show was performed by Joanne van der Leun: she planted an olive tree – albeit with some assistance – in front of the Kamerlingh Onnes Gebouw in order to promote sustainability and greening.

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