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Prinsjesfestival & Prinsjesdag: overview of events organised in and around the University in The Hague

The third Tuesday of September is getting closer and that means ‘Prinsjesdag’ (Little Prince Day) and the opening of our own faculty’s academic year. We have created an overview of all the events that have been organised for this ‘The Hague holiday’ in and around the University.

Monday 19 September

Prinsjesdag (Little Prince Day) for Non-Dutchies

A special programme for international students to help prepare them for this day. A guide will take you on a tour past several royal locations in the centre of The Hague. This will help you, as an international student, to be up to speed with local traditions and ready to participate in the start of the political year in the Netherlands on Tuesday!

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Prinsjesdag! Tuesday 20 September

Prinsjesdag for Dummies (in Dutch)

Always wanted to know more about the ins & outs of Prinsjesdag and its customs in The Hague?

Register for a short introduction on the Spanish Stairs and joins us at the Tribune, to watch the Royal carriage go by. Register via this link – only a limited number of seats available. 

The entire programme is scheduled between 11.15 – 13.00 hours. Afterwards, you are more than welcome to come and watch the Troonrede (Speech from the Throne) on the Spanish Stairs.

FGGA Next 15.15-16.15 

Talkshow– Live on YouTube

This year, we will once more be organising the opening of the faculty year. A discussion panel with employees and students will be held from 15.15 – 16.15 addressing the important key points for upcoming academic year.

Economists Debate 16.15 – 16.45

FGGA Next will be followed by the annual Economists Debate with Wilmar Bolhuis and Koen Caminada. A number of people including Senna Matoug, alumnus and member of Dutch political party Groenlinks, have been invited.

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