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Academia in Motion: the University is making headway towards better academic practice

Leiden University is pressing ahead with Open Science and Recognition & Rewards! This is the key message of the new Academia in Motion steering group.

Over the past few years our University has invested in gathering inputs and formulating a clear vision for Open Science and Recognition & Rewards, and now that we have a clear vision on the direction we want to take, it is time to put these plans into practice. A University-wide group has therefore been set up that will encourage and facilitate new initiatives in the area of Open Science and Recognition & Rewards over the coming five years. We will be doing this under the umbrella of Academia in Motion, which brings together these closely related themes.

Academia in Motion represents the transition to a University community where quality, collaboration, an open academic culture, integrity and leadership are core. This movement closely reflects the University’s new societal role, where science is not kept at a distance, but is conducted at the heart of and often in partnership with society. Academia in Motion is not an end in itself, but is rather a cultural transition and a logical consequence of the changing role of academia. At the same time, Open Science and Recognition & Rewards also need to be speeded up to meet the challenges posed by these developments in academic practice.

The Academia in Motion steering group is headed by Rector Magnificus Hester Bijl. The members of the steering group are: three coordinators (Karlijn Hermans for Open Science, Margaret Gold for Citizen Science and Cas Henckens for Recognition & Rewards); Jasper Knoester (dean of the Faculty of Science) and Paul Wouters (dean of the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences, as well as the coordinator of Open Science); Marieke Adriaanse and Sarah de Rijcke (substantive coordinators of Recognition & Rewards); and Karin Horsman and Esther van Opstal (Director of Strategy and Academic Affairs, and Human Resources Director, respectively). 

The steering group will determine the relevant frameworks, but will not impose changes from above. In the five-year programme, faculties and staff will be given every opportunity to shape Open Science and Recognition & Rewards themselves and to set up initiatives appropriate to their own context. 

Do you have any questions about Academia in Motion after reading this article, or perhaps a good idea? Please feel free to contact Cas Henckens.

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