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Anne Urai and Neuromatch colleagues win prize for open science

Cognitive neuroscientist Anne Urai is part of the Neuromatch Conference team. With the prize for open science, Neuromatch wants to reduce or remove barriers in financing, education, and closed networks among well-funded labs that many scientists face, by providing always-affordable, pay-what-you-can education, networking, and scientific communication opportunities.

This year, the 0pen science prize will be awarded in person at the Open Science in Action Symposium at the Montreal Neurological Institute-Hospital on November 30, 2022


Through Neuromatch programs, new researchers can create a network of loose and strong ties, receive specialized and multidisciplinary scientific training, get experience in presenting scientific research, and be given the tools and experience to function as both collaborative and independent researchers. To date, Neuromatch has already served 20,000 participants from 105 different countries.

Open Science Prize

The Neuro-Irv and Helga Cooper Foundation open science prize, sponsored by the Irv and Helga Cooper Foundation, is an initiative in its second year from The Neuro’s Tanenbaum Open Science Institute. Each year they award an international open science prize of $80,000 CAD to an individual or a group of individuals that have shown leadership and ingenuity in providing tools and resources to other scientists that aid in data sharing and collaboration.

Neuromatch is a non-profit organization based in the United States. They are an online community of computational neuroscientists whose mission is to foster inclusive global interactions for learning, mentorship, networking, and professional development. They run two organizations within Neuromatch: Neuromatch Academy and Neuromatch Conference. Together they provide open access educational resources and infrastructure to enable thousands of underrepresented scientists to break through barriers in their career paths. Neuromatch

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