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Executive Board of the University asks University Council for advice on activating person counters/sensors

The Executive Board of Leiden University has asked the University Council to advise on its proposed decision to reactivate the person counters/sensors in due course. The Council will now look at this carefully before the Board makes a final decision. The advice of the University’s participation body will play an important role in this.

Temporarily switched off

The person counters/sensors count how many people are present in the University buildings, without these people being visible. The Board decided to switch off the equipment on 9 December 2021 until further notice following unrest among students and staff about security, privacy and communication.

External audit

In the intervening period, the Board has commissioned an external audit and taken various measures to improve the security and privacy of the person counters/sensors. Based on this, the Board has informed the University Council that, as far as the Board is concerned, the equipment can be switched back on, following consultation with the participation body.

Efficient use of space

The person counters/sensors make it easier for the University to guarantee to students and staff that in-person teaching can actually take place in its buildings. In addition vacant/empty teaching rooms can be used as study areas. Moreover, this data will make it easier for the University to implement its policy for the use and maintenance of its buildings, new buildings and those being renovated.


The Board first wants to hear what the Council thinks. The Council will discuss the Board’s request for advice on 23 January, 30 January and 13 February. The Board wants to take this advice very seriously and hopes the university community will get behind the use of person counters/sensors. If the Council’s advice is positive, the equipment could be switched back on in the spring.

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