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A quick call with Pancras Hogendoorn about the LUMC art auction

Always wanted to go to a real art auction? Now’s your chance! On 15 February over a hundred works from the LUMC’s art collection will go under the hammer. ‘It’s great fun just to be there, regardless of whether you buy anything,’ says dean and auctioneer Pancras Hogendoorn.

Pancras Hogendoorn

Hi Pancras, why are you holding this auction?

‘The LUMC has a fairly big art collection, with works that you can see in all our buildings. But some of these are in storage and have not been loaned for a long time, for instance because they no longer represent the zeitgeist. By auctioning these works, we will find them a new home and will be able to purchase new ones.’

Why should staff come to the auction?

‘There are some terrific pieces on sale and it’ll be great if staff and people from the region come along. At the last LUMC auction, I myself bought two big paintings for the kitchen at home. I still enjoy them every day. It’s also a fun day out for anyone who just wants to experience an auction. And who knows: you may find you can’t resist buying something.’

What can visitors expect on 15 February?

‘It’s obviously supposed to be a proper auction. So I will be a real auctioneer – with a hammer. And people won’t be able to call at any old sum: the bids will be in fixed increments. Up to 100 euros, for example, the bids will increase by five euros at a time, and between 100 and 200 euros, they will increase by 10 euros. So it’s a lot of maths for me on the day!’

The small version of Homunculus Loxodontus

Do you have to be rich to secure an artwork?

No, definitely not. The prices are very varied so there’s something for everyone. Some works will probably go for a few thousand euros but we hope others will end up at around 75. So everyone is in with a chance.

Can interested art lovers view the works beforehand?

‘Yes, and I would definitely advise doing so. You always have to see art in the flesh first. And it’s worth it because the collection has been so beautifully hung: you can see it at the LUMC’s gallery. We’re close to the train station and open 24/7, so you can always pop in before or after work. And if you can’t be there on 15 February, you can bid in advance by filling in the form at the gallery reception by Sunday 12 February. Or you can bid by email.’

Are there any works that you yourself particularly like?

‘Max Pam’s photos are stunning, as are the works by the painter Co Westerik. We are also auctioning a small version of the LUMC’s iconic elephant seal on 15 February: Homunculus Loxodontus by Margriet van Breevoort. It doesn’t really do much for me, but I expect it to go for a tidy sum.’

The art auction will take place on Wednesday 15 February at 17.00 hours at Galerie LUMC. Register by Sunday 12 February via kunstzaken@lumc.nl. More information about the auction can be found here (in Dutch).

Text: Evelien Flink

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