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Successful 5th edition of the Negotiation Workshop

How to negotiate effectively to achieve a win-win deal for your client? What is the preferred communication style?

These and other questions were addressed and put into practice during the fifth edition of the interactive workshop ‘Principles for effective negotiations in legal practice’ on 2 February 2023. The workshop was organised by the Hazelhoff Centre for Financial Law and facilitated by law firm Stibbe Amsterdam.

Enthusiastic students from both the Master's Financial Law programme and the Advanced Master Law & Finance programme participated in the workshop.

Students first learned about the theory of negotiation, most notably the Harvard Negotiation Method. After the theory session, they teamed up in small groups, each representing a client, to test their communication skills and theoretical knowledge by conducting negotiations on various financial transactions with their peers. Roderik Vrolijk, a partner at law firm Stibbe Amsterdam, and his two colleagues, Senna Leentjens and Jeroen van Eck, who work on such transactions in their daily practice, provided guidance where necessary.

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