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Chris Riddell is one of the new Faces of Science: 'Can't wait to share research'

Have you ever seen your friend smiling, and suddenly you started grinning too? PhD student Chris Riddell is researching how and why we copy body language. As a new Face of Science, he will take us along on his research journey for the coming year.

How happy he was, when Chris Riddel heard that he had been selected. 'It is a great honour - I think it is important that the results of my research do not only remain within the walls of the university, but that they are shared with a wider audience.'

Every year, the KNAW, The Young Academy and the Lira Foundation select a dozen young scientists as Face of Science.  For a year, they give a unique insight into the life of a researcher through blogs, vlogs, articles and lectures on Kennislink, a website by museum NEMO. What does doing research entail? What makes their field so special? And what does a day-to-day routine of a scientist look like? Answers to these questions give young students a realistic picture of the academic world. 

Elevator pitch

Riddell researches how children and adults learn to understand their own emotions and those of others, and what role body language and facial expressions play in this. In this elevator pitch, he explains his methods. Are you coming along?

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