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Discover our interdisciplinary research programmes - here's why

A large event will take place on Wednesday afternoon, 17 May, where all Leiden researchers can learn about the Leiden interdisciplinary research programmes and explore collaboration opportunities. Why is this of interest to you? We give four reasons.

1. Take part in research into complex social issues

Do you want your scientific work to contribute to society? Then the interdisciplinary incentive programmes, which tackle research into complex social issues, are the right place for you. From a sustainable world to innovative healthcare, from the application of AI to building a resilient society, from migration to the careful design of leading museums: it's all here. Check out the full list of programmes here, and meet representatives of one or more programmes in person on 17 May.

2. Interdisciplinary work is a key Leiden theme for the coming years

The 2022 - 2027 strategic plan includes interdisciplinary work as one of its six main ambitions. It will also play a major role within Leiden University in the coming years, and is therefore worth putting energy into for Leiden researchers. The interdisciplinary research programmes are just one of the ways to flesh out interdisciplinary work. In the coming period, investments will also be made in so-called ‘Kiem’-, ‘Groei’- and ‘Bloei’-hubs. Read more about the place of interdisciplinary research within Leiden University in this article and in this column by Hester Bijl (who, by the way, will also be present at the event).

3. Opportunities for interdisciplinary education

Not only is research a high priority in the interdisciplinary programmes, there have also been great results in the field of interdisciplinary education in recent years. Students and teachers are enthusiastic about the possibilities. Witness, for example, these reports on interdisciplinary education within the interdisciplinary research programmes Social Resilience and Security and SAILS. On 17 May, the interdisciplinary research programmes will be able to tell you much more about all the experiences and possibilities.

4. Expand your university network in one fell swoop

Together, the nine interdisciplinary programmes cover a huge cross-faculty network of Leiden researchers; take a look at the programmes' websites, accessible via this page. Chances are there is someone in that network who could be of interest to you. And on 17 May, access to that network is up for grabs.

What are you waiting for? Register here for the event ‘Interdisciplinary collaboration in Leiden: discover the interdisciplinary research programmes’

Location: ECC Leiden, Haagse Schouwweg 10, 2332 KG Leiden

Date and time: Wednesday May 17, 1PM - 6PM

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