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LACDR is making their laboratories more sustainable

The LACDR green lab initiative is a group recently founded by employees of the LACDR. We are devoted to stimulating sustainability in our education and research! With the support of the Institute manager and scientific director of the LACDR, our main goal is making the labs more sustainable by e.g. reducing waste, recycling and reusing plastics, reducing electricity of lab equipment and more.

In order to achieve those goals we aim to get a certificate of sustainability for our labs and therefore joined the LEAF program of Leiden university (see here).

Are you interested in making a difference and want to help us achieve these goals? Connect to one of our green lab members: Sylvia Le Dévédec, Cecilia Bergonzini, Elsa Neubert, Klara Beslmüller, Maayke van Ruler, Laura Hetzel, Tim Kloots, Vera van der Noord, Jeroen Molenaar, Bert Beerkens, Jill de Mol, Stefan Romeijn, Quirijn Verhoog.

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