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A chat with FGGA students: 'I also really found out this year how important a good 'work-life-balance' is'

To wrap up the academic year, we talk to several FGGA students this week, to discuss their plans for the summer and the future, but also to look back on the past year: 'I really enjoyed coming back to the wonderful atmosphere at Wijnhaven.'

Joris, first-year student bachelor Security Studies

'This past year at university was a valuable experience for me. In the beginning, I had to get used to the transition from high school to university, but the skills labs and tutors have really helped me with that. I also made many new friends in the programme. In spring, I completed my lifeguard training with the Royal Dutch Rescue Society (KNRM) and this summer I hope to get a place as a lifeguard on one of the Frisian Wadden Islands. I am also really looking forward to becoming a HOP week mentor with a friend of mine this summer. I don't yet know what I want to do after my studies, but at the moment I am interested in doing something in diplomacy or working at the UN or NATO but combatting radicalisation and/or extremism also sounds fantastic.'

Sohana, third-year student at Leiden University College

'My final year at LUC was very rewarding for me because I was finally able to attend lectures on International Justice and be part of LUC's committees. This helped me better discover what my passions are, and I now have a better understanding of what I want to do after university, which is something in the human rights or in Law and Development. I'm currently working as a barista, so I want to keep doing that this summer. I'm also trying to see more of Europe, so I plan to be travelling a lot and hanging out with friends. I'll finally have time to read a lot too.'

Britt, third-year student bachelor Security Studies

'Last year at university was my 3rd, and therefore final, year of the Security Studies bachelor's programme, which kept me quite busy. I started the Cyber Security Governance Essentials minor last academic year and even though the minor was really fun, after completing it I am now quite confident that my future does not lie in cyber security. At the moment, my interests lie in European politics and humanitarian issues, but this could change at any time. I really didn't know which way I wanted to go (in terms of master's and career), but luckily last year made things a lot clearer. After my bachelor I plan to do the master's in Crisis and Security Management (MSc), and then the specialisation track 'Governance of Crisis', but first I'm going to relax! And enjoy the sun. I can't wait!'

Loes, third-year student bachelor Public Administration

'Last year I studied abroad for six months, in Liverpool to be precise. It was a very nice experience, but I also really enjoyed coming back to the wonderful atmosphere at Wijnhaven. I also started learning Spanish and got a job at the university, working in the communications department. Over the summer, I'll be going to Lowlands, to Saint-Tropez with my best friend, and to Italy with the family. Other than that, I plan to go to the beach very often (also to play beach volleyball), keep working in the communications department, and also try to go to as many other festivals as possible, such as Free Your Mind (if the bank account allows it all), before starting the master's in Public Sector Management in The Hague.' 

Giovanni, second-year student Leiden University College

'Last year I took the International Justice major at LUC, which I'm very happy with. I like the freedom LUC offers to put together your own programme. I was also busy at the university's 'student bar' last year, organising various events with four friends. I also found out this year how important a good 'work-life balance' is. I would like to free up more time for my passions: music and photography. That will have to wait a while though, because during the summer I'm planning to take part in a Fellowship at the NGO 'Humanity in Action' in Berlin. Fortunately, there's also plenty of time to travel and I'll be moving to Paris, where I'll be studying at Sciences Po next year. After my bachelor's, I hope to study in the UK, but before that I plan to take a break from academia and work part-time.'

Laura, third-year students bachelor Public Administration

‘As for most students, the past year has been very busy for me. I did a lot of different things, such as being Vice Chair of FGGA’s Faculty Council, which taught me a lot about advisory boards and the importance of collaboration. During the summer, I’ll be travelling to Jordan with the student association. Jordan is a place you don’t hear that much about in the news. After my bachelor, I intend to complete the International Studies programme with a specialisation in Russia and Eurasia. I’m not done studying yet, but plan to also complete a master. After that, we’ll just have to wait and see....’

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