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Ayo Adedokun launches Future-Ready Coaching Academy

The academy is designed to promote student well-being and to prepare students for the labour market.

When he won the LUS Teaching Prize in 2021, Ayo Adedokun set out to design an initiative that would address the two main challenges he saw play out among the students he mentored

  1. Career anxiety, including the mismatch between the skills taught at university and those necessary for success in the labour market.
  2. Academic stress and mental health struggles.

The Future Ready Coaching Academy (FRCA) sets out to address these two issues by providing soft skills training, which, according to various studies, has the potential to improve individuals' well-being and render them more employable.

Future-Ready Coaching Academy: 15 Skills for the Future
Future-Ready Coaching Academy: 15 Skills for the Future

15 skills to prepare students for the future

Soft skills are essential for students (and professionals) in many ways. They are important predictors of academic success and career advancement, but are also key factors in positive mental health and well-being. According to joint research conducted by Harvard University, the Carnegie Foundation, and Stanford Research Center, on average a whopping 85% of job success comes from soft skills and just 15% from technical skills.

The Future-Ready Coaching Academy (FRCA) has arrived to fill this gap. 15 social, emotional, and compound skills that students need to thrive academically, personally, and professionally in the 21st century have been identified. With the help of the Future-Ready Coaching Academy, students can work on the development of these skills.


The mission of the Future-Ready Coaching Academy is to improve students’ well-being at university and to prepare them for the jobs of the future and a life of purpose, integrity, humility, and service to society through soft skills coaching.


The Future-Ready Coaching Academy is buzzing with acvitity! 

Blogs Read one of the inspiring blog posts, written by students, alumni and staff members. 

The FRCA will continue posting further blog posts on a weekly basis. If you are interested in contributing, please send an email to frca.leiden@gmail.com.

One-on-one coaching On the website, students can sign up for one-on-one coaching sessions with Dr. Ayo
Well-being Wednesdays Every other Wednesday in Block 4, Dr. Ayo will host group coaching and interactive workshops
Guest speakers Guest speakers are regularly invited, and students from all around the university are invited to join these sessions. The next upcoming session is Wednesday, May 31!


Take the Test

Do you want to know how you are doing on your soft skills? Take a 10-minute soft skills assessment test to see which skills from the framework you have already mastered and which you could benefit from working on further.

Get inspired

Are you intrigued? The Future-Ready Coaching Academy’s is open to students from Leiden University College and Leiden University. Start by exploring the FRCA website, which was developed by Dr. Ayo Adedokun together with a team of highly dedicated Leiden University College The Hague students, including Clara Lindemann, Bernardo Oliva Vieira, Jasmijn Al Kenany, Sybren Enserink, Eduarda Regufe, Hugo Ardura Muñoz, Victoria Araujo Silva, and Micah DenBraber.

Explore the Future-Ready Coaching Academy
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