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Cabinet proposal for binding study advice: not a wise plan

On 9 May, Minister Dijkgraaf of Education, Culture and Science (OCW), announced his plans for amending the Binding Study Advice (BSA). If the Minister’s proposal is introduced, with effect from the 2025-2026 academic year, a student in the first two years of a programme will only need to obtain half (30) of the study credits in order to continue their studies.

Leiden University does not believe this is a wise plan. Rector Hester Bijl: ‘The aim of the BSA is to make sure that students who want to carry on with their studies have adequate knowledge to be able to complete the programme within the nominal time. If the BSA requirements are reduced, a lot of students may well drop out later in their studies. This is not beneficial for our students, and will result in greater pressure of work for lecturers and study advisers.’   

Other universities also believe it would be better to set the BSA norm separately for each programme, in discussion with the participation bodies. The norm will then will better reflect the wishes of students and staff, and it will also make it possible to take into account the differences between programmes. 

More information on the website of Universiteiten van Nederland (only in Dutch).

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