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Five tips for Museum Night Leiden

Saturday 3 June will see the 15th edition of Museum Night Leiden. Students and researchers from Leiden University are once again on the programme this year. Our newsroom has picked five of them.

Anatomy Quiz

Professor of Clinical and Experimental Anatomy Marco de Ruiter will be testing your knowledge of the muman body in the Academy Building.  Fifteen questions in total, with two possible answers per question. Will you beat the rest? Take the quiz at 20:30-20:50 and 22:45-23:05.

Botanical philosopher Norbert Peeters

Talk on ‘plant blindness’

Botanical philosopher Norbert Peeters will give a talk from 21:00 to 21:20 in the Hortus botanicus on plants, something we are surprisingly blind to. Why can we name lots of endangered animals but no endangered plants? Peeters will turn the natural order on its head by prioritising plants instead of animals.

Singer-songwriter Siris

Sirish Anish is a philosophy student at Leiden University and a singer-songwriter. Inspired by artists like Jeff Buckley and Tamino, he jumps from warm low tones to a flawless falsetto. Combined with candid lyrics, this helps him hit the right note. Curious about this singing talent? Come and listen at theHortus Botanicus at 22:30-23:30.

Mini lectures: ‘Bots like you’

There are emotional, creative, useless, curious and even pooing robots. But why? Peter van der Putten and Maarten Lamers from the Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science will give various mini lectures about the robots of the past, present and future at Japan Museum SieboldHuis. ‘Discover the world of robots’ is at 20:30, ‘Where humans and robots meet’ at 21:30 and 22:30, and  ‘Late night edition’, about robots in the bedroom, at 23:30.

Petri dish
Petri dish

Adventurous microbiology

The Institute of Biology will take you on a voyage of discovery between 20:00 and 01:00 at Rijksmuseum Boerhaave with special digital microscopes that can magnify up to 200 times. See live how a microorganism produces antibiotics and take a petri dish home with you to find out exactly which bacteria are growing on your fingers.

See the full Museum Night Leiden programme.

Banner photo: Monique Shaw

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