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Liveable Planet present at LUGO Sustainability Day

Liveable Planet, the Leiden interdisciplinary research programme on sustainability, has a full presence at the LUGO Sustainability Day on Tuesday 9 May. Professor Jan Willem Erisman will deliver the keynote lecture. You can also ask questions about sustainability research and interdisciplinary collaboration at a Liveable Planet stand.

The LUGO Sustainability Day will take place on 9 May between 2pm and 6pm at the Academy Building in Leiden. The event revolves around the nine limits the earth can handle before there are dramatic consequences for the environment, climate and life on our planet.  Jan Willem Erisman, professor of Environmental Sustainability and leader of the interdisciplinary programme Liveable Planet, will discuss these planetary boundaries during his keynote lecture. Furthermore, the Liveable Planet programme will be present with a stand. Visitors can ask questions about the research here, academics can also explore opportunities for collaboration with the programme.

More information and registration link can be found here.

Leiden interdisciplinary research programme Liveable Planet

Climate change is one of the key political themes of today. In this interdisciplinary research programme, researchers from Leiden University will work towards a society that uses energy and raw materials in such a way to preserve our natural capital and minimise the impact on our health. The researchers will begin by looking at how natural and economic ecosystems function and what impact they have on our health and natural capital. They will also research how social stimuli influence the human ecosystem. This will enable them to consider new forms of government policy and transition management that will help create a more sustainable society.

Visit the Liveable Planet website.

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