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Throwback: a festive end of the Faculty of Archaeology’s celebratory year

On Tuesday, the 16th of May, the Faculty of Archaeology put a festive end to the 25th year celebrations. The programme included a dedication of our largest meeting room, the sealing and burying of a time capsule, and a BBQ.

25 years

In the past academic year, a string of events was organised to celebrate the Faculty’s 25th birthday. In September, we opened the year with food trucks and a party with live music; in December, we held an inspiring panel discussion about the future of archaeology; in March, we opened our doors to the public for a chance to get an insight into what archaeology is all about; in April we, together with Archol, invited archaeologists working in the Netherlands and the Groot Reuvens Overleg; and, finally, in May, the final event took place!

Corrie Bakelszaal

As part of the final event, we dedicated the ‘Aquarium’ (room A2.24) to our Emeritus Professor Corrie Bakels. Together with her and close colleagues, we celebrated this momentous occasion.

The inauguration of the Corrie Bakelszaal with Corrie Bakels and her colleagues.

Burying the time capsule

Staff and students had been asked to hand in contributions for the Faculty’s time capsule, which will be dug up again when the Faculty turns 50 in September 2047! Some of the colleagues presented their contributions, after which Dean Jan Kolen buried the time capsule in a homemade burial mound.

Faculty BBQ

When everything was said and done, it was time to eat and socialise at the Faculty BBQ!

Queuing up for food.
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