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Algorithms and the Rule of Law in the Justice System: Melanie Fink on the Future of Justice in Estonia and Beyond

On 24 March 2023, the University of Tartu, Estonia hosted a Workshop on ‘'Algorithms, Rule of Law, and the Future of Justice: Implications in the Estonian Justice System’.

The workshop was organised by Dr Marta Cantero Gamito (University of Tartu and EUI) and Dr Giulia Gentile (LSE Law School). It aimed to explore the potential benefits and challenges of the digitalization of the judiciary in Estonia given its reputation as a technologically avant-garde country. Bringing together academics and judges, the workshop offered a platform for dialogue and exchange of ideas on this critical topic, with the aim of fostering a better understanding of the potential uses and challenges of the technology, and identifying ways to ensure its use is consistent with the rule of law and the rights of individuals.

Melanie Fink joined a panel on ‘The future of justice in Estonia and beyond’ with Nele Parrest (Supreme Court), Helen Eenma (University of Tartu), and Liisi Jürgen (NJÖRD Law and University of Tartu).

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