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Annual Report 2022 published

In the new Annual Report 2022 we report on not only research and teaching at Leiden University but also ICT, real estate, personnel, finance, impact and knowledge transfer and more.

The report (in Dutch) is divided into a general section and a section with the figures – the university’s financial statements. We follow the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science’s guidelines for such reports.

Key facts and figures

The report provides an overview of the key facts and figures (over several years) including student numbers (intake), student satisfaction, degrees, the BSA, PhDs, publications and staff numbers. It also contains facts and figures about, among others, government and third-party funding and provides a summary of information about sustainability: energy consumption, energy generation and emissions.


In the annual report we look back at what has been achieved. For the members of our academic community and our partners, 2022 was fortunately a fairly normal year after the turbulent Covid years of 2020 and 2021. We learned a lot from the pandemic years. Connecting with each other is hugely important for our university, with its essential values of rational thinking, academic freedom and mutual respect. This is also reflected in our Strategic Plan, Innovating and Connecting, which we launched at the start of 2022.


Looking back at our results for 2022 makes us realise all the fantastic things that have been achieved in our research and teaching, many with an immediate impact on society. We are extremely grateful to our students and staff for this.

The report looks back at important milestones such as the launch of our Strategic Plan and is also a reference work with a full overview of degree programmes, PhDs, inaugural lectures, laureates, boards and accreditations. Tip: the introduction provides an overview of the main developments in the year 2022.

Sustainability Report

Leiden University will also be issuing its Sustainability Report 2022 this autumn (in September). This shows how it has reduced its energy and natural resources consumption and is working on innovative solutions to sustainability issues for current and future generations. The university also hopes that this report will increase awareness and engagement among its students and staff.

Both documents are or will be available on our website (a 100% climate-neutral limited edition of the Annual Report 2022 is also available).

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