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Astonishing explorations at the Night of Discoveries

It was the Night of Discoveries on Saturday 16 September: a summer encounter between art and science. Leiden researchers from various disciplines inspired the public with their quest to understand our world.

On a beautiful summer evening, over 3,000 visitors explored the interface between art and science at the Hortus botanicus, Old Observatory, Academy Building and the University Library. They discovered a person who wanted to transform themselves into a goat, beautiful James Webb Telescope images of our universe, robotics, AI, music, techyoga and much much more.

3D scans, psychedelics and medical art

Researchers from Leiden University introduced the public to their astonishing work. These are just some of them: Liselore Tissen, an external PhD candidate in art history at Leiden University and Delft University of Technology, really is at the interface of art and science. She is researching the meaning of 3D prints for the art world. Tissen spoke about her work before giving visitors the chance to see and touch 3D replicas of artworks (including a fragment of the Girl with a Pearl Earring).

Neuroscientist Michiel van Elk took visitors on a journey to the world of psychedelics. What exactly happens in the brain under the influence of psychedelics? How do psychedelics affect our perception and emotions?

And researchers from Leiden University Medical Center showed images telling the story of their research into cardiovascular disease, muscular dystrophies and type 1 diabetes.

Hope to see you there next year! These photos will give you an idea of what to expect.

Photos: Monique Shaw

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