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Helen Pluut involved in interdisciplinary initiative that is awarded a Kiem grant

Leiden University has made available Kiem (seed) grants of €10,000 - an initiative for developing new interdisciplinary, interfaculty research partnerships and encounters. Helen Pluut is part of a Kiem team, one that brings together researchers from Leiden Law School, LUMC, FSW and ICLON (and Young Academy Leiden).

This project aims to prepare master's students for successful careers in dynamic and interdisciplinary work environments by promoting mental resilience. Addressing complex societal challenges requires employees to possess new skills to tackle work stress, high demands and acquire a healthy work-life balance. As such, mental resilience is crucial for employees, whereas universities mainly focus on teaching networking, leadership, and communication skills. With a team covering expertise in mental resilience, workplace challenges and teaching innovation and a network of stakeholders, this project seeks to identify necessary skills for mental resilience, and effective methods for teaching them. The findings will be developed and tested within the master Population Health Management, whilst making findings applicable for other master programmes.

An overview of all awarded Kiem grants can be found here: Award of 33 Kiem grants for new interdisciplinary initiatives - Leiden University (universiteitleiden.nl)

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