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Political Science Master’s thesis prize 2023: the nominees

Towards the graduation ceremonies, you sense an increasing nervousness. Not only because all the tradition and glamour surrounding the event, also because that will be the day that the winner of the Political Science master’s thesis award will be announced. For 2022-2023, the jury is considering seven nominations, covering a broad range of topics—from economic voting to digital surveillance of public protest. On 13 October 2023 we will know who will be added to our Hall of Fame.

The jury, consisting of Corinna Jentzsch and Michael Sampson, is currently examining the following theses. The winner will be announced during the master’s graduation ceremony on 13 October 2023 in the Academy Building in Leiden.

The shortlist

  • Vijay Bolt, Electoral politics in Ukraine's plural society: Centrifugal elites competing for median voters (supervisor: Maria Spirova; second reader: Hans Oversloot)
  • Haije Dijkstra, Adviseur of assistent? De rol van PA’s in de Nederlandse politiek (2003-2022) (supervisor: Simon Otjes; second reader: Wouter Veenendaal)
  • Gabriel Deasy, To condemn or not to condemn: Comparing the responses of the Organisation for Islamic Cooperation to the Rohingya and Uyghur genocides (supervisor: Hilde van Meegdenburg; second reader: Katharina Natter)
  • Wojciech Gillert, The digital panopticon: Examining the impact of digital surveillance on public protest in authoritarian regimes (supervisor: Babak RezaeeDaryakenari; second reader: Corinna Jentzsch)
  • Adrian Heier, Shocked leaders: The influence of environmental shocks on the likelihood of a coup d’état (supervisor: Roos van der Haer; second reader: Juan Masullo)
  • Kate Leonard, Maintaining power through conspiracies: An analysis of conspiratorial populist rhetoric from American politicians (supervisor: Rutger Hagen; second reader: Femke Bakker)
  • José Baptista Alves Lourenço, The importance of viable alternatives: Economic voting and opposition configuration (supervisor: Maria Spirova; second reader: Petr Kopecký)
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