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Prinsjesfestival & Prinsjesdag: an overview of the activities in and around the university in The Hague

The third Tuesday of September is approaching and with it Prinsjesdag (State Opening of the Dutch Parliament) and the official start of our own Faculty Year. An overview of all the activities that have been planned in and around the university for the local festivities The Hague.

Sunday 17 September

Prinsjesdag for Non-Dutchies
A special programme for (international) students to get them up to speed about the ins & outs of this special day. During a guide tour you will be shown various royal sites in the centre of The Hague. At the end of this tour, you, as an (international) student, will be fully informed and ready for the start of the political year in the Netherlands on 19 September.

The language for this event is English as this afternoon is mainly intended for international students but anyone who understands English is welcome and you are also allowed to bring someone along.

You can register via this link.

Tuesday 19 September

Prinsjesdag for Dummies (in Dutch)
Are you interested in finding out more about Prinsjesdag and all the customs in The Hague? Then join us on the Spanish Stairs in Wijnhaven on Tuesday 19 September at 11.15 hours for a short introduction by etiquette expert Anne-Marie van Leggelo - van den Berkmortel.

After this introduction, we will walk over to Lange Voorhout together to watch the royal carriage pass by from the stands. From 13.00 hours, the Speech from the Throne (Troonrede) will be streamed live at Wijnhaven. This event is for FGGA staff and students.

Tuesday 19 September

Talkshow FGGA Next – Live from Wijnhaven 15.30-16.30 hours
As is tradition, the faculty will also be organising the opening of the Academic Year. At 15.30 hours, we will host a talk show with FGGA staff and students. We will be looking ahead and will discuss teaching, research, student life, and key developments within the organisation. This event is intended for FGGA staff and students.

Wednesday 20 September

Debate Miljoenennota
A first for our faculty, on the day after Prinsjesdag, we will be organising a debate on the Miljoenennota. Table host Koen Caminada will discuss the most important points of the budget for the upcoming political year with various speakers. Since this year’s Miljoenennota will be compiled by a caretaker government, this is an exceptional situation that is certainly worth discussing.

From 11.00 hours onwards, coffee will be served in Room 2.02 at Wijnhaven, Campus The Hague.

You can register via this link.

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