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The new faculty academic year has been opened

On Tuesday 5 September, the opening of the faculty year took place at the Kamerlingh Onnes Building. Staff and students gathered in the Cleveringa Room to take part in the interactive part of the programme.

The opening was presented by two master’s students: Emma Engelen and Michiel van der Velde. After the opening speech by interim dean Professor Suzan Stoter, those present were asked to answer the question below via mobile phone.

After the question was answered, the first speaker Daniëlla Dam-de Jongh, professor at the Department of Public International Law, was called forward for her lecture: 'Quo Vadis? The Leiden bachelor’s student of the future'. Daniëlla, together with Armin Cuyvers, chairs the taskforce team that deals with the graduation profile of the Kernvisie Bachelor. In other words, what kind of student we want to deliver in the future.

The second speaker was Yvonne Erkens, associate professor of Labour Law, on 'Appreciating Value'. She posed the question: where do our clothes come from and can a company ensure that these products have been produced in a safe, child labour-free and fair way? With the database of business ethics (DBBE) founded by Yvonne Erkens, company codes of conduct are collected and researched. Companies lay down a code of conduct within an ethical and legal framework. Prior to the lecture, the audience was asked to answer the statement below. At the end of her talk, she called for students, lecturers, and interim faculty to include sustainability issues in legal research, teaching, and policy because it is already taking too long to do something about all the wrongs and we need to make sure that we are also well prepared for our future.

Award ceremony

The opening was concluded over drinks and prizes for the following.

Professor Jan Adriaanse, vice-dean a.i. presented the Legatum Böckelmanianum of 150 euros to the student with the highest average grade for the propaedeutic year. The winner: Sabine Pennings.

He also presented the teaching award for the lecturer in a postgraduate course with the best evaluations: Annemarie Drahmann.

 The JSVO teaching awards were presented by assessor a.i Julie Külsen to the best lecturer: Professor Barend Barentsen and the best tutorial teacher: Associate Professor Bo Terpstra.
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