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Safety at the university: always take your LU-Card with you to work or lectures

We are living in turbulent times. Various conflicts in other parts of the world at times give rise to feelings of anxiety, unrest and anger in our country too. We also see this happening in our academic community.

Given these developments, it is now especially important to preserve an atmosphere where everyone feels free to exchange ideas openly, and debate with one another in a constructive manner.  At the same time, we want this to take place in a safe environment. The need to safeguard security was the reason our Wijnhaven location was closed for a short time last week.

LU-Card checks

Wijnhaven is now open again as normal, but unfortunately we have to acknowledge that the tensions are unlikely to dissipate any time soon. To ensure that we are able to work and study in safety in the coming period, security in our buildings will be scaled up a bit. In real terms this means that we will make more use of our LU-Cards when we visit the university. In some cases this will take the form of spot checks, and at other locations there will be a check at the entrance. It goes without saying that we are not taking this step lightly: this measure is intended to give us a clear picture of who is present in the university and when, but it will also allow us to prevent people entering our buildings uninvited or without a valid reason.

Extra checks, including access checks, by means of the LU-Card are nothing new: we have used this method in the past on an incidental basis. This practice will become more structural In the coming time. We realise that this may take some getting used to, but we believe it is an appropriate measure to guarantee our security as far as possible in the period ahead of us.

Please make sure you have your LU-Card with you when you visit the university in the coming period.

Annetje Ottow, Hester Bijl en Martijn Ridderbos
Executive Board

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