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Spring and Summer 2024: a whole series of moves

The Humanities Campus will take further shape in 2024, with the completion of the South Cluster in February and a whole series of moves that will then take place in the spring and summer. A few highlights of the upcoming moves are described below.

Moving into the South Cluster

The Faculty Office, which is currently located in the Huizinga, Lipsius and P.J. Veth buildings, will move to the South Cluster in April 2024. At present, the KITLV is located in the Reuvens Building, but in May 2024 it will also move to the South Cluster. It will then be followed by the LIAS and the Middle Eastern Library, from Matthias de Vrieshof. This also includes the NINO library and the NINO research center moving to Cluster South around the summer of 2024.

Humanities Hub in the Huizinga Building

Internal relocations will take place in the Huizinga Building. The History staff, who now have their workspaces on the ground floor, will move up to the first and second floors. This will create space on the ground floor for the Humanities Hub, which will accommodate the Digital Humanities labs, currently in the P.J. Veth Building, and the Journalism and New Media labs, including film and podcast studios.

Moves within the P.J. Veth Building

The Institute for Philosophy and ACPA will be moving internally within the P.J. Veth Building. This will make room for the central Student and Educational Affairs (SOZ) department, which is currently located in the Gravensteen Building.

Further developments of the Humanities Campus

Matthias de Vrieshof is the next building in line to be renovated in the context of the Humanities Campus. The working title for this development is North Cluster. After the renovation, it will accommodate the LUCL, Dutch Language Institute (INT) and Academic Language Centre (ATC).

For more information about the Humanities Campus project, please go to: Humanities Campus project – Leiden University

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