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Closing the Gap 2023 is just around the corner: three questions about this conference

On Wednesday 6 and Thursday 7 December, the third edition of the Closing the Gap conference will be held in The Hague, hosted by EU Cyber Direct. Three questions to Lise Andersen about this conference.

What is the main goal of the Closing the Gap Conference?

Andersen: ‘This year’s edition of the Closing the Gap Conference will examine regional perspectives on emerging and disruptive digital technologies. With this focus, we want to explore the diversity of interpretations regarding associated challenges and opportunities. In doing so, we aim to de-center thinking on the topic, which has so far been largely Western or European centric. The thematic focus of the conference has been kept intentionally broad, to bring to the fore a variety of perspectives, ideas, and mechanisms from different disciplines, which can help inform policymakers, cyber diplomats, and academics, as well as contribute to evidence-based policymaking. As a result of the conference, we will be publishing an edited volume to make the work of these scholars permanently accessible to a wider audience.’

Lise Andersen

For whom is the conference aimed at?

Andersen: ‘The conference is aimed at emerging as well as established scholars from across the disciplinary spectrum. Practitioners interested in the topic are also encouraged to join us for this day and a half event.’

Which session/roundtable would you like to highlight?

Andersen: ‘All of them! We have a fantastic selection of work being presented across five panels on a range of technologies and with diverse countries in focus. We also have two roundtables, where we will be joined by an impressive group of experts, sharing their thoughts on the international techno-politics of AI as well as on bridging the gap between technology and policy.’

Read more about the conference.

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