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‘Handboeken Veiligheid’ are well known: 'Very special that this series has been running for almost 25 years'

For almost 25 years, ‘de Handboeken Veiligheid’ have been a phenomenon. Who does not have a copy on their bookshelf? In 2024, the series will be celebrating its 25th anniversary and next Monday, the Public Prosecution Handbook will be presented: the latest volume in the series. Erwin Muller talks about the origins and success of the handbooks.’

The latest book in the serie

On Monday 20 November, the first book will be presented to the President of the Board of Procurators General Prof Dr M Rinus Otte at Wijnhaven on The Hague Campus. The latest book in the series is the Handbook for the Public Prosecution Service. This edition, like all others, comes out under the editorial direction of Erwin Muller, Professor of Security and Law, Director Campus The Hague and Dean of the Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs. The editors of the 26 volumes in the Security Handbooks series are always formed by expert editors.

The focus of the volume is the Public Prosecution Service (Openbaar Ministerie). From a scientific and practice-oriented perspective, various authors bring together all knowledge on the functioning of the Public Prosecution Service. The organisation itself is also discussed. The handbook paints an interdisciplinary picture of the OM in the Netherlands, looking at it not only from a legal perspective but also from other disciplines.

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The presentation is Monday 22 November in Wijnhaven. Registration is mandatory.

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