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Leiden University’s intake numbers are stable, also for international students

The number of students enrolled at Leiden University remained stable this year. As at other Dutch universities, the growth in recent years seems to have levelled off. Leiden University is also following the national trend in terms of intake at the bachelor’s and master’s levels. The number of international students has not changed proportionally either.

Enrollment numbers show only a slight decrease of 0.56% compared to last year: 33,500 students are currently enrolled, compared to 33,700 students in 2022.

Bachelor’s and master’s students

Intake in the bachelor’s degree programmes remained almost the same as last year, at 6,300 students. And in master’s degree programmes, intake increased by 200 students, to 4,700. A year earlier, 4,500 students were enrolled in the master’s phase in Leiden.

International students

As at the other universities, the intake of international students in Leiden is virtually unchanged compared to last year. Thus, the proportion of Dutch students (77%) to international students (23%) in the bachelor’s degree programmes remains the same as in 2022. The proportion of Dutch and international students in the master’s degree programmes also remains virtually the same as a year ago: 65% of master’s students are Dutch and 35% come from abroad. There is no sign of any further increase as was feared in some quarters, either in Leiden or in the other university cities.

Umbrella organisation Universities of the Netherlands (UNL) published a press release on the national intake figures earlier today.

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