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Education and teaching: an exciting year at the faculty

There are lots of important items on the education and teaching agenda for 2024. Reaccreditation for the Law programmes including Notarial Law and Tax Law degree programmes, preparations for the implementation of the Kernvisie Bachelor, a new online teaching platform and a Teaching Fair, to name just a few. Head of Education and Student Affairs Niels van de Ven can vouch that it’s going to be an exciting year. We asked him about the education and teaching agenda for 2024.

Niels van de Ven

Before we talk about the new year, how do you think 2023 went?

'It was a turbulent year, especially from an administrative perspective. But teaching and learning never stop and I’m extremely proud of my colleagues at the Education and Student Affairs Staff Service for their perseverance and commitment despite some setbacks.

I’m also happy with how the new Exam Support Department is developing. During the initial phase, we observed at the locations and answered some questions during the examination period in October. This was well received within the faculty. Ultimately, the Exam Support Department will be responsible for the logistical part of examination and for streamlining processes to reduce the workload for lecturers and teaching staff.'  

Which important events are in the pipeline for 2024?

'It’s an exciting year, and our reaccreditation will be a major milestone requiring much preparation, especially from staff involved in education policy as well as the Programme Directors. Following the 2022 mid-term review the Kernvisie was developed. The Kernvisie curriculum is set to be launched in 2025. This year, we will begin pilots and tests aimed to boost study success. A revised bachelor's programme in Criminology will take place as well.'

A new online platform has been announced. Do you have an update on that?

'In 2023, we started working on a new online teaching platform called LTC-HUB. The platform will enable lecturers and teaching assistants to share knowledge, best practices, information and news related to education and teaching. Unlike previous attempts, the back end of this platform will be continuously monitored and managed to ensure that all information is up to date, reliable, relevant and applicable to all institutes. The aim of this new platform is to promote connection and innovation within teaching, which should result in greater efficiency and job satisfaction. We will launch this platform at the Teaching Fair.'

A Teaching Fair? Is that as much fun as it sounds?

'Definitely! LTC (the Learning and Teaching Community) will run a Teaching Fair on 4 April. It will be an opportunity for teaching staff to talk about educational innovation and how to to use new tools and programmes. Workshops and lectures will be given by teaching staff and the Leiden Learning & Innovation Centre (LLInC). Everything will take place across the various lecture halls and the restaurant at the Kamerlingh Onnes Building (KOG). All topics related to teaching and learning will come together and teaching staff will be able to gain inspiration and knowledge in an engaging, interactive way.'

Are there any ambitions you would like to pursue in 2024?

'As a faculty of 6,000 students and 1,000 employees, it’s important to me that there’s a solid foundation for our education and teaching. We’ve already taken big steps in that regard, but there’s still progress to be made. Together with my colleagues we endeavour to remove unclear agreements and processes where possible and to focus instead on effective information exchange, sufficient capacity and clear process descriptions. This should considerably reduce any unnecessary workload and enable everyone to perform their job with passion and enthusiasm. And that can surely only lead to greater study success. Happy employees make for happy students.'

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