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Dean and vice-chair of LUMC Board steps down

Prof. dr. Pancras Hogendoorn is stepping down as dean of the Faculty of Medicine and vice-chair of the Executive Board of Leiden University Medical Centre (LUMC). He is also resigning from all associated secondary posts. Hogendoorn has taken his decision in anticipation of the findings of an inquiry by the LUMC Supervisory Board.

In a statement, Hogendoorn says, ‘Knowing what I know today, I should have acted differently at the time. In taking this decision, it is my aim to help restore further calm within the organisation.’ It has already been established that Hogendoorn had no personal involvement in the irregularities that occurred.

The Supervisory Board is due to present the findings of its inquiry in the near future. Hogendoorn cooperated fully with the Supervisory Board’s investigation.

Hogendoorn’s decision follows his announcement on 11 November 2023 that he was temporarily stepping down as dean and vice-chair of the Executive Board. This move came in response to reports by Follow The Money and Omroep West that, in his capacity as dean, Hogendoorn may have been informed about irregularities in the implementation of European projects by LUMC in collaboration with research firm Percuros in late 2021.

Jacques van den Broek, chair of the LUMC Supervisory Board has issued the following statement: ‘The resignation of Hogendoorn and the events leading up to this decision have not been easy for anyone involved. The fraudulent practices involving European subsidies have left a deep mark on LUMC and impacted many people both within the organisation and beyond. Despite this unforeseen end to his tenure as a director, the Supervisory Board wishes to express its sincere gratitude to Hogendoorn for his many years of committed administrative service and dedication to LUMC. Under his leadership, initiatives such as the Hague Health Campus and the Regenerative Medicine profile area have taken shape, and specialisations in Pharmacy, Clinical Technology, Transfusion Medicine, Health, Ageing & Society and Population Health Management have been launched. The gratitude we express for his work is shared by the Executive Board.’

Discussions are currently ongoing with Hogendoorn as to what form his professorship will take from now on. For the time being, Prof. dr. Henk-Jan Guchelaar will continue to serve as dean and member of the Executive Board. LUMC and Leiden University will announce details of the selection procedure for a new dean and member of the LUMC Executive Board in the near future.

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