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Five pilot interdisciplinary modules for professionals to start in 2024

Leiden University is known for its pioneering research and teaching. By offering education to professionals (lifelong learning), we want to bring this research and teaching expertise to the field and thus further increase our impact on society. With the aid of a grant from Leiden University Academy, five interdisciplinary training modules for professionals are now being developed.

Different faculties applied for these pilot modules. One group that applied – for the pilot on language barriers in healthcare settings – included an external party, the Netherlands Patients Federation.

All five pilots tie in with our existing interdisciplinary teaching and/or university-wide interdisciplinary research.



Faculty of Humanities / LUMC

Language Barriers in Healthcare Settings: A Case for Machine Translation Literacy

This pilot is on the use of online translation machines in healthcare settings. The Leiden University Centre for Linguistics (Faculty of Humanities) is providing expertise on health communication, translation studies and machine translation. CAIRELAB (LUMC) is providing expertise at the interface between AI and health communication. The Netherlands Patients Federation is a co-applicant for this proposal.

Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences / Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs

Understanding citizens and civil servants’ behaviour to improve government implementation capacity

This pilot is being coordinated by the Institute of Psychology (Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences) and the Institute of Public Administration (Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs). The Knowledge Centre for Psychology and Economic Behaviour (KCPEG) is involved via the Institute of Psychology, and the Public Management and Leadership (PML) research group is involved via the Institute of Public Administration.

Leiden Law School / LUMC

A multidisciplinary view of current legal and ethical developments in healthcare and academic research

This pilot is coordinated by the health law research group (Leiden Law School) in collaboration with the LUMC’s Ethics & Law department.

Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs / Leiden University College / Faculty of Science

Climate change course

Leiden University College and the Institute for Public Administration (Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs) are involved in the application to develop a climate change course. The Institute of Environmental Sciences (Faculty of Science) will help with the content.

Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs / Faculty of Humanities / Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences / Leiden Law School

Local political and governance culture

Leiden University’s Centre for Dutch Politics and Governance (CNPB) is offering this course. The CNPB brings together academics active in research and teaching on public administration and politics in the Netherlands. The CNPB is involving researchers from different disciplines (such as public administration, political science, law and linguistics) as speakers


Developing interdisciplinary courses

The course content is being developed and coordinated by the applicants and the university’s supporting departments. As soon as they are complete, the new courses will appear in the list of Leiden University Academy courses for professionals.

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