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Antwerp Honorary Doctorate for Marc Koper: Significant recognition for sustainable energy research

A festive and honourable visit to our southern neighbours for professor Marc Koper. On Thursday 23 March, he received an honorary doctorate at the University of Antwerp. Koper gets the title in recognition of his expertise in the field of electrochemistry. ‘An important recognition for our research on energy and sustainability.

‘It was a very special ceremony,’ says Koper. ‘Clearly, a lot of preparation had gone into it. All six honorary doctors, myself included, were clearly very honored and moved. That made it extra beautiful. The same applied to the sizable delegation from Leiden.’

The title was a pleasant surprise and a beautiful acknowledgment for Koper. ‘I studied in Belgium for a year during my Master’s, so that makes a Belgian doctorate extra special. I have good colleagues in Antwerp, who are more on the applied side. We have organised workshops together.’

Valuable fundamental insights for greenification

‘Marc Koper is a world authority in the field of electrochemistry,’ says Antwerp professor Tom Beugelmans, who is the promoter of the honorary doctorate from the Faculty of Applied Engineering Sciences. ‘Koper has a unique approach where he combines theoretical and computational methods with cutting-edge techniques. This has led to valuable new insights into electrochemical processes and the operation of catalysts. He thereby makes an important contribution to the greening of energy supply and the chemical industry.

Marc Koper (center) signs the golden book. On the left is Antwerp's Rector Herman Van Goethem, and on the right is Tom Breugelmans, Marc Koper's honorary doctorate promotor. Photo: UAntwerpen

‘An opportunity to honour our colleagues’

In addition to Koper, three other foreign scientists received an honorary doctorate for their scientific merits. In addition, two laureates received an honorary doctorate for general merits. ‘By awarding an honorary doctorate, our own professors have the opportunity to honour highly skilled colleagues,’ says Antwerp rector Herman Van Goethem. ‘The associated masterclass provides a broad audience with the opportunity to connect with excellent scientists from around the world.’

Masterclass for Antwerp chemists

In these masterclasses, the honorary doctors shared their expertise with Antwerp scientists, students, and the professional field. Koper talked about electrocatalysis for green hydrogen. ‘Mostly Antwerp chemists attented the class. They asked interesting and insightful questions afterwards.’

‘An acknowledgment for the whole team’

Scientific director of the LIC, Marcellus Ubbink, was also present at the ceremony. ‘Alongside several members of the LIC's board, there were also many individuals from the research group, family, and other colleagues. What stood out was the significant societal relevance of all the topics.’

‘The honorary doctorate was bestowed upon Marc, but it symbolises recognition for everyone who has collaborated with him on research into the fundamentals of hydrogen formation and CO2. In other words: essential processes for the energy transition. Thus, it signifies a crucial recognition for the LIC regarding the importance of our research on energy and sustainability.’

Further reading

Read here the press release from the University of Antwerp announcing the honorary doctorates: UAntwerpen honours Otobong Nkanga and Rik Devillé, and watch back the ceremony.

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