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University elections: these are the staff parties you can vote for

The university elections are approaching. The commuting allowance, less bureaucracy, greater appreciation for teaching: what needs more attention? From 22 to 25 April, you can vote for who will represent you on the University Council. Meet the three staff parties.

Both the university’s students and its staff are represented in its participation bodies. The University Council monitors the Executive Board, offers advice and helps decide on important issues. It deals with issues that directly affect you, such as sustainability, new buildings or the quality of our teaching.

Tahmina Fariaby


Leader: Tahmina Fariaby

PhDoc represents the interests of PhD candidates and postdocs at Leiden University and has had a continual presence on the University Council since 2012. We are an energetic group of academics who are committed to the future of our university!

These are just some of the points from our election manifesto that we at PhDoc will fight for:

  • Allowance for public transport to and from work
  • More female professors at our university
  • A central postdoc coordinator. At present not a single FTE is dedicated to postdoc policy and support.

See our election manifesto to find out what else PhDoc wants to focus on within our main themes of sustainability; equity, diversity and inclusion; representation; well-being and personal growth.

More about PhDoc
PhDoc on X

Sigrid Zuijderduin

Universitair Belang

Leader: Sigrid Zuijderduin

Universitair Belang represents the interests of all staff. Whether you are a PhD candidate, professor or receptionist, be assured that your interests will be represented. We stand for trust, open communication, transparent decision-making and less bureaucracy. Our goal? Less-rigid rules and more or a human touch. We also want to see more space for basic research and greater appreciation of teaching. And we think it is hugely important that everyone feels they can belong. After all, we are here for all staff and want to be a university where a wide range of opinions and talent is welcome. So vote Universitair Belang: for a university based on trust.

More about Universitair Belang

Mark Dechesne

Leiden Academic Community (Leidse Academische Gemeenschap; LAG)

Leader: Mark Dechesne

Our university faces tough choices in the coming years. LAG brings the passion, expertise and experience needed to ensure that the interests of everyone within our academic community are given maximum consideration. A university is more than a production facility; it is a place made by its community. We recognise the critical need to address the workload, professional development, psychological and physical safety, and fair recognition and rewards. We pledge to continue prioritising well-being, inclusion and a healthy work-life balance. Our stance on sustainability underscores our commitment to the planet and our leadership in fostering a sustainable future. We stand united in our commitment to developing an academic community that encourages open dialogue, integrity, collaborative spirit and critical thinking.

More about Leiden Academic Community


The election website lists all the candidates for the university elections. Voting will open there on 22 April.

They explain to you why student and staff participation is important

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