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Research Support Network

The Leiden Research Support Network is the essential network for research support professionals within Leiden University, where colleagues from the various faculty (virtual) Research Support Offices and central service units work together and share their knowledge to provide optimum support for researchers and their work.

This network allows research support professionals from different domains to enhance their synergy in communities: exchanging expertise and experiences, and working as a team to answer researchers’ sometimes complex questions. The network’s strength lies in teamwork that transcends the boundaries of faculties and institutes.

Regular network events are organised, with a focus on learning, inspiring one another, and professional growth and development. There is also the annual Leiden Research Support Conference. See all the information on
upcoming events.

There are currently six active communities in the network: grant advisers, project controllers, research project managers, ethics committee secretaries, knowledge transfer advisers and data stewards. Each of these has its own community manager, who facilitates the group and promotes knowledge exchange.

Together with the structure of the Research Support Offices within faculties and institutes and the central service units, these communities form the Leiden Research Support Network.

The network comprises two clusters: Research Project Support and Research Data Support.

Vertical: communities of research support professionals working within a domain (1st and 2nd line). Horizontal: multidisciplinary collaboration of research support professionals in the 1st line.

(Virtual) Research Support Offices (RSOs) bring together research support professionals from different domains within an institute or faculty, who then work as a team to provide support to researchers. This teamwork will be organised in different ways, depending on the domain or faculty. Several institutes and faculties have already adopted this approach or are currently in the process of implementing it.

Register for the Leiden Research Support Network

As a research support professional, you are cordially invited to join the Leiden Research Support Network. Explore the advantages:

  • An extensive offering of network events
  • Work together with colleagues and ask questions in our digital collaboration environment in MS Teams and SharePoint
  • Get to know your research support colleagues even better
  • Invest in your professional growth and development

Register for the network and explore the many other advantages it can offer you. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email with further information. We look forward to welcoming you to our network! This network is unfortunately not open to researchers.


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Questions or ideas?

If you have any questions or ideas about the Leiden Research Support Network, please let us know! Share them with us via lrs@bb.leidenuniv.nl.

Continued development of research support

Within the Leiden Research Support programme, research support professionals and researchers have worked together on improving the research support provided to our researchers. An outline of all the initiatives that have been launched and the activities that are being further developed can be found here.

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