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Groei collaboration

On this page you will read all about the Groei funding tool.

What is Groei?

Groei is a financial tool to advance promising ideas for interdisciplinary collaboration that require time and space. It is also an opportunity to receive input from society that will help increase the quality of the collaboration. In terms of scope and target group, this tool is aimed at a group and objective that is barely catered for by external funders.

Who is it for?

Groei is intended for small interdisciplinary teams that can substantiate how additional funding will enable them to develop new insights and practices in research or teaching. They will lay the groundwork for research and/or teaching pathways with potential because they meet an intellectual or other need, for example, or increase the opportunities for research lines.

Applicants should be teams comprising academic and/or professional services staff who are willing and able to focus on (once or multiple times) an interdisciplinary issue or assignment over a continuous period. They should be willing to go through a mandatory exploration phase and training on interdisciplinary collaboration before applying.

The timeline and procedure will follow in 2024. The first round of Groei is expected in 2026.

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