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Kiem, Groei and Bloei

Kiem, Groei and Bloei are three funding tools that will take interdisciplinary research and teaching at Leiden University to another level. Find out more about the purpose of these funds and how to apply for them.

What is Kiem Groei Bloei?

Interdisciplinary collaboration is the future. Crossing disciplinary barriers benefits both academia and society. The national and international research and teaching landscape therefore offers increasing space for projects that transcend the classic disciplines. But interdisciplinary collaboration is not yet fully recognised and rewarded. And silos within the university create practical obstacles that prevent our staff from collaborating across disciplines.

In Leiden University’s Strategic Plan we resolved to channel our efforts into building an interdisciplinary research and teaching environment on firm disciplinary foundations. One way we are doing so is by investing in three funding tools: Kiem, Groei and Bloei. By earmarking (from 2024 to 2028) time and money for interdisciplinary collaboration, we hope to create fertile ground for future initiatives in Leiden.

Kiem, Groei and Bloei will act as a flywheel for different levels of collaboration. Kiem is about facilitating encounters, for example with colleagues you have never met before or if so, only in passing. Groei is designed to explore whether a strong suspicion of synergy is warranted. This will be within a deeper partnership, with an emphasis on training and peer feedback. Bloei focuses on improving and professionalising existing collaborations within the university and with civil society partners. We will consolidate these collaborations by facilitating support and increasing the available time and resources.

Over 100 Kiem, Groei and Bloei projects will have the opportunity to explore, deepen or scale up interdisciplinary collaboration between 2023 (the launch year of Kiem) and 2028. In terms of ‘growth’, the tools are deliberately designed not to follow on from each other. To do justice to the different phases of interdisciplinary initiatives, from fledgling to professional, we are offering a range of options. This means that every Kiem will not necessarily develop into a Groei. One does not preclude the other, however, and a Kiem proposal could lay the groundwork for a future Groei.

Find out all you need to know about Kiem, Groei and Bloei.

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