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Living in Leiden or The Hague

Leiden University offers housing facilities especially for international PhDs and other visiting academic staff in Leiden.

The university owns several types of rooms, flats and apartments that area available to international staff. Most properties are intended to long lets. These apartments are unfurnished. The University also owns so-called “short-stay” apartments which can be let for one year only. They are intended for international employees who are staying for a period of less then one year. The rent varies from € 600 to € 1100 euros per month.

How to apply

Since the university cannot offer accommodation to all that apply, there is a waiting list for our properties. If you will be working at the University and you are interested in university managed accommodation, we advise you to apply for the waiting list.

More information

For more information on accommodation, costs and intermediaries, see the International Staff Service Centre.

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