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Job market orientation

After obtaining their PhD, most of our graduates find a new position outside the University, for instance in the private sector or a civil society organisation. As you will not necessarily continue your career within the academic world, it is important to start thinking in good time about what you would like to do after completing your PhD.

We advise you to already start thinking about your further career in the third year of your PhD programme. We provide courses and guidance that will help you decide:

  • In our career guidance, we first look together at your talents and ambitions. We then look into your opportunities within and outside Leiden University.
  • A possible follow-up to career guidance is a 'career path' or participation in workshops on, for instance, job applications.

Postdoc position

If you wish to work in the academic world after receiving your PhD, then a logical choice is to apply for a postdoc position, where you will conduct academic research on the basis of a temporary contract.

View current postdoc vacancies


Some faculties offer the opportunity of a research fellowship to talented researchers with a PhD who wish to become more specialised. This enables you to conduct academic research at a high level within a research programme. For example, see the opportunities offered by the LEaDing Fellows Postdoc programme.

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