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Studying for a PhD

You have chosen to do a PhD at Leiden University. The 2018 PhD Regulations, which were established by the Doctoral Board, specify what you must do to be granted a place on a PhD programme. Here you will find out more about the admission procedure and which forms you will need.

There are several arrangements that you will need to make before you can start studying for a PhD:

  • You must meet the statutory qualification requirements to study for a PhD. If you do not meet these requirements, use form 1 to request an exemption from the dean.
  • A professor must be prepared to be your supervisor and must confirm this to you in writing. You then have to ask the dean to appoint the professor as your supervisor. Use form 2 for this.
  • Alongside your supervisor, you need a second supervisor. This can be a second professor (supervisor) or a co-supervisor who has a PhD. He or she does not need to be from the faculty. If you have not found a second supervisor, the dean will appoint a co-supervisor, thus ensuring that you have at least two supervisors.

  • Once you have received confirmation from the dean, you will be admitted as a PhD candidate to the Graduate School of the faculty in question.

Read more about the role of the supervisor and the role of the dean at the start of a PhD programme.

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