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More information about cooperating with China

When working with Chinese partners, it might be a challenge to find out all you want to know about. The regional coordinator is the centrally appointed advisor who can advice you on the following topics:

Not all information you need in China is available in English. This may be information on available funding from Chinese organizations, your Chinese partner, Chinese education or science policies. English websites from Chinese organizations are more concise than their Chinese websites and some science organizations in China do not have English websites at all.

Data management policies may differ in China. It is important to talk with your Chinese partner where data are generated, how they are generated and how data will be stored, who will have access during and after the research collaboration.

What is legally allowed and what is desirable in cooperation with Chinese partners? What benefits are there from the Leiden China strategy when working with Chinese partners? A lot of heated discussions take place on collaborating with China in education and science, not all of them with a solid factual or scholarly background. It is worth your while to check the facts and the latest policies. The Leiden region coordinator China is in touch with Dutch and Chinese ministries, diplomatic networks and academic organisations and is in the know of the latest policies and academic news on Dutch-China academic cooperation.

China strategy from Leiden university

Leiden university  has a China strategy in place (that will be renewed). There is a list of strategic Chinese partners that we work with university-wide. Leiden focuses on research and education and stimulates exchange in two directions.

More information about China

Within Leiden University there are several colleagues and groups to whom you can turn for more information on (cooperation with) China.

  • Regional coordinator China
    The regional coordinator, Annemarie Montulet, is the centrally appointed advisor who is available for university and LUMC staff. 

  • China studies department
    University Leiden has a China studies department, unique in Europe, with scholars whose expertise is in high demand by national and international government and societal entities.

  • Representative China region group
    Almost every faculty has a representative in the university-wide China region group. This is an academic staff member with years of experience in working with Chinese partners in that field. He/she can be a source of information on ethics practice in that field, on the do’s and don’ts and on academic publishing in the field and what China has to offer in this field in particular. 

  • Leiden Asia Centre
    The Leiden Asia Centre (LAC) focuses on sharing the expertise of the university with society. LAC publishes reports by Leiden Asia scholars and organizes debates with major societal stakeholders. Their latest report on sustainable collaboration with China is a must-read for academics working with China. Another important source of information is a Checklist for working with Chinese universities, drafted on the request of the Dutch ministries of foreign affairs. 

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