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Research profiles

The University has defined eleven research profiles. These are the (interdisciplinary) topics on which our research focuses.

Most of the University‚Äôs research profiles transcend faculty boundaries. The Executive Board allocated funds to the profiles in two rounds, the second of which runs until 2018. With these research profiles the University hopes to achieve the following aims:

  1. To stimulate interdisciplinary research
  2. To increase the external visibility of research at Leiden
  3. To strengthen our position in securing external funds

Leaders and coordinators

Each research profile has a number of leaders. These are key researchers from one of the faculties involved in the profile. Also, each research profile is coordinated by a dean. Various activities have been initiated within the research profiles to achieve the aims mentioned above. These include awarding funding to research projects, holding seminars and conferences or helping researchers to develop research ideas.

Eleven research profiles

The eleven research profiles are listed below, together with the participating faculties and leaders. The coordinating faculty is in italics.

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