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Publishing your doctoral dissertation

If you obtain a doctorate, you must submit your dissertation to the Leiden Repository. Please take the following steps to submit your preliminary dissertation.

You submit a digital version of your dissertation at least three weeks before the ceremony. You must also hand in four copies of the printed thesis at the Leiden University Libraries (UBL) for the university's archive. To submit the dissertation, please use the following two appendices:

  • Appendix 4: Licensing agreement for the inclusion of the dissertation in the Leiden University Institutional Repository. 

    This is the licence agreement in which you grant the University the non-exclusive worldwide rights to publish your dissertation electronically. The University will make clear that you are the author or owner of the work, and will not make any changes to your work other than what is permissible through this licence.
  • Appendix 4a: Upload dissertation to the Library for the benefit of the Institutional Repository (IR) of the University

    On this webform you enter your personal details and provide a summary of your dissertation. You also include the ISBN of your dissertation. If you want, you can add a number of keywords and a list of published articles.

More information

You can find the precise steps and the appendices on the UBL website.

Publishing in the Meijers Series

The Meijers Research Instituut and Graduate School has its own book series that includes PhD dissertations of Leiden Law School, but also books resulting from conferences and symposia.


The choice of the publisher/printer is down to the author or editor. The Meijers Research  Instituut and Graduate School has entered into agreements with a number of specialist companies for the editing and lay-outing of a publication.

When it comes to the lay-out of a PhD dissertation, it is recommended to count back from the date the book is to be published. This is particularly important for PhD candidates whose defence date has already been set. In the case of a PhD dissertation, a period of 16 weeks is standard. For the procedure and planning, see instructions for authors.

The size of the PhD dissertation is in principle maximum 100,000 words (including footnotes but excluding the non-academic part). Following a written request by the Supervisor, on behalf of the Doctorate Board the Dean may grant an extension on this limit.

Instructions for Authors in the Meijers series

In the instructions for authors you can find practical recommendations for the submission of a text document, tables and images and guidelines for writing text, footnotes and the list of literature references. These instructions are in line with the Leidraad voor juridische auteurs (Deventer: Kluwer 2019). They also include information on the production process from the time the final manuscript is ready. 

Dissertation consisting of articles

The format of a PhD dissertation varies and may result in a handbook or monograph or a collection of published or submitted articles. For more information on the latter see Memorandum on PhD dissertations.

Financial regulations

There are some reimbursements available for PhD candidates.


For questions or the notification of a publication in the Meijers series please contact Esmé ten Donkelaar.

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