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In grant applications you are asked to provide information on your institution, and, if relevant, of your partners’ institutions, to show that you are not only able, but also the best to perform the project. What each grant organization finds important to know is different and depends also on the goals of the instrument, but here are some guidelines on how to collect and present this information.

The annotated guidelines in the funding calendar that are updated before each deadline, contain the most up to date information on Leiden University relevant to the proposal. If there is no annotated guideline, please contact your local grant advisor.

What the grant organisation wants to know

You need to convince the funder that giving the money to you, is money well spent. The best way of showing this is by showing past performance. Some tips:

  • Keep it factual (numbers).
  • Tailor it to the evaluation criteria. E.g. if valorisation is an important criterion highlight your experience in this area.
  • Go from high to low level in your description, meaning  university – faculty – institute – research group. Condense the high level to the highlights and be specific on the low level.
  • For Horizon Europe you submit on behalf of Leiden University, therefore make use of the experience of Leiden University as a whole.
  • Make use of external acknowledgement of quality, such as rankings, results of visitations, membership of the LERU, and the HR excellence in research logo.
  • Funders may want to know how many grants you already have received from them to judge your experience in complying with their rules. With respect to this, have a good track record on reporting is important for the whole university. Also check this with your partners.
  • If you are a coordinator, specifically indicate coordination experience of other projects.


As the university is constantly in motion, it is impossible to keep up to date general texts on everything here, but we do have a boiler plate text on general partner information for Leiden University. This text is very general, so if more information, or if the you are in search of other boiler plate texts, please contact your grant advisor. Inquire about this well in advance - preferably several weeks - before the deadline, so we can help you prepare this part of your proposal.

Other sources are the university website texts. Useful pages are the about us page and the equivalent page of your Faculty.

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