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Writing for a collaborative project

Below you can find an overview of all useful general resources for each step of writing a collaborative proposal.

Overview resources in External Research Funding pages

Training and information meetings

The Grant Development team offers training and information meetings to get more in-depth knowledge about collaborative grants. Funders also regularly organise information and matchmaking events for facilitating collaborative research. Check the funding calendar page for an overview of upcoming internal and external activities. Subscribe to our external funding newsletter to keep up to date.

Hands-on support for a collaborative proposal

These pages are designed to make all the necessary information accessible to you. However, please contact your local grant advisor as soon as you start thinking about writing a proposal. The advisor can do more if you involve them on time. They will be happy to discuss your outline at an early stage, guide you quickly through the writing process, prepare a skeleton for your proposal and are available as a sounding board and for critical review. Make sure you make use of the available expertise. 

You can also decide to make use of professional writers and editors. Please ask your local grant advisor about the options for the professional editing services provided by the university. The costs need to be covered by your institute. Note that the costs for writing a collaborative proposal cannot be recovered from the grant, whatever the consultant tells you. Some consultants offer a package for proposal writing and project management. Your local advisor or the Grant Development Office can advise you on negotiating a fair deal.

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