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Research funding

The number of grants is virtually endless, so it is important to aim for the ones that match your research aspirations. The advisors within the Grant Development Network can help you identify relevant funding opportunities and offer you advice for your proposal thereby increasing your chances of winning the grant substantially. See below if in your vicinity there is a local contact that can help you get started. They may be able to give you the expert advice you are looking for, or will point you to the right expert within the network.

LUMC researchers can contact the Directorate of Research Policy for more information about grant advice via Albinusnet, the intranet of LUMC. Applying for a Horizon2020 grant? Check the EU GRANT TOOL.

The Grant Support Office provides information and advice on grant opportunities. We also support researchers in the process of developing and writing their grant proposal and guide them through the mandatory administrative matters.

Research Desk FSW


The Leiden University Grant Development Office will provide you with help finding the appropriate grant for your research project. We are also happy to discuss the outline of your proposal at an early stage, guide you quickly through the writing process and are available as a sounding board and for critical review. In addition we provide help with your interview and rebuttal.

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