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Crisis management

If the University is involved in a crisis or calamity, a crisis management team will be formed. For small incidents, every building has its own Emergency Response Coordinator.

Crisis management plan

If the University is involved in a crisis, a crisis management team  is formed. This unit implements the crisis management plan, which describes the tasks, authorities and responsibilities of the crisis management unit.

Emergency Response Service (BHV)

The Emergency Response Service deals with local incidents of limited scope such as evacuating persons, providing first aid, and first deployment in case of fire.

The Decentralised Incident Team (DIT) 

The DIT is called in when:

  • The Emergency Response Service (BHV) is not (or no longer) able to control the undesirable event or ensuing damage.
  • More coordination is required than the Faculty or central service is able to provide.

Decentralised Incident Teams (DIT) are linked per faculty to specific buildings and building managers. There are DITs at every faculty or unit with the exception of the Medical Faculty and LURIS (Poortgebouw). These units fall under the crisis management unit of the LUMC.

The International Incident Team (IIT)

The University also has an International Incident Team (IIT). This team meets if an undesirable event involves a student or employee abroad and the central Student and Educational Affairs (SEA) department is able to coordinate and handle the incident itself.

The Central Crisis Team (CCT)

Leiden University’s Central Crisis Team (CCT) meets in the event of a serious crisis. A serious crisis means that:

  • There is an urgent need for central coordination and alignment for all of Leiden University 
  • The undesirable event cannot (or can no longer) be controlled at decentralised level, and/or
  • The external emergency services consider it necessary to upgrade to GRIP level, and/or
  • The safety of Leiden University employees, students and guests can no longer be guaranteed, and/or
  • Leiden University can no longer guarantee the continuity of its teaching and/or research activities
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