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Incidents and dangerous situations

Together we create a healthy and safe working environment. Should an incident, dangerous situation or needle-stick injury nevertheless occur, please report it immediately. Such incidents are far more frequent than serious accidents. By reporting them we can make sure that they do not lead to serious accidents and can be prevented in future.

Immediate assistance required

Call the internal alarm number. This number can be found on any telephone within Leiden University.

Serious accidents

Work-related accidents that involve serious and potentially lasting harm and/or exposure to hazardous agents should be reported as soon as possible via the internal alarm number.

Please also report the accident to the secretariat of the Healthy, Safety and Environment (HSE/VGM) department via 071 526 8015.

Needle-stick injuries

In case of needle-stick injuries, please immediately contact the University doctor via 071 526 8015.

Other unsafe situations 

If you are facing another unsafe situation, such as danger, a minor accident, violence or sexual intimidation, please report this to the HSE/VGM department. To do so please use the online report form.

If necessary, a health and safety coordinator will contact you for a further investigation. 

Working with hazardous substances

If you work with hazardous substances, biological agents, gases, chemicals or radiation, you should comply with the prevailing rules to prevent accidents and incidents.

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