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Director of Administration (full-time)

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Non-academic staff
External , Internal
Publication date
19 December 2023
Closing date
21 January 2024 Vacancy closed

The Faculty of Social and Behavioural Science is looking for a

Director of Administration (full-time)

Are you a constructive, experienced, and inspired administrator who can work with us to help solve complex problems in difficult times? If so, read on, for this may well be your next job!

As Director and Portfolio Holder for Administration within the Faculty Board, you operate in a dynamic playing field, in which every day brings completely new challenges. The close connection between administration, research, and education requires strong collaboration between the Board and the five institutes of the Faculty, but also with other faculties, the Executive Board, the Administration and Central Services department, and the University's expertise centres.

The faculty
Research and education at the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Studies (FSW) range from psychology, pedagogical sciences, political science, cultural anthropology, and developmental sociology to science and technology programmes, which take place in five institutes. Jointly, these institutes offer 13 Bachelor's and Master's programmes. The Faculty is home to more than 1,000 staff members, and approximately 7,000 students. Our main building is located on Wassenaarseweg in Leiden, but we also work in four other buildings in Leiden and The Hague, including in laboratories and healthcare-related research. The Faculty has an annual turnover of approximately €77 million.

The mission of the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences is to conduct ground-breaking research and offer education in social and interdisciplinary sciences, in order to achieve a substantial positive impact on society. The Faculty aims to be a knowledge community based on collaboration between researchers, lecturers, support professionals, students, and non-academic partners. To make the Faculty an inspiring, safe, and attractive environment, a lot of attention is given to well-being, social safety, diversity and inclusion, a fair workload, an interesting job for all, and true recognition and rewards for all contributions to our common mission. The development of professional skills and leadership play an important role in this mission.

As a collegial board, the Faculty Board is integrally responsible for the Faculty, and consists of a Dean, a Vice-Dean for Education and a Vice-Dean for Research, a Director of Administration, and a student member. The Board works intensively with the Faculty institutes, services, and participation bodies and fellow portfolio holders at other faculties, and contributes to strengthening the University as a whole.

The Director of Administration is responsible for the integrity of the administration within the Faculty and the institutes and the strategic and general development of policy in Finances, Human Resources, support for Education, Research and Laboratories, and Location Management. With this portfolio, you are an important discussion partner for the scientific directors and institute managers of the five institutes and the Faculty Council and the participation bodies in a broad sense. In addition, you play an important role in the administration of the University as a whole, together with your fellow administrators at other faculties. The Director of Administration is accountable to the Vice-Chairman of the Executive Board and the Dean of the Faculty.

Main tasks

  • You manage the realisation of the ambitions expressed in the University Strategic Plan: ‘Innovating and Connecting’ and the Faculty Vision and Strategy Plan: ‘A thriving, inclusive knowledge community’. You work with others to manage the development of leadership, social safety, work balance, and professional skills and sustainability within the Faculty and the University. In this context, you support the desired development of education and research in line with the principles of Recognition & Rewards, Open Science, interdisciplinarity, and collaboration with social partners. In the years to come, a lot of changes are expected to unfold at the Faculty's main building, aimed at creating a more modern-day and sustainable environment for our knowledge community.
  • You are responsible for organising the Faculty administration and infrastructure as a whole, and for managing the Planning & Control, Human Resources, Location Management, SOLO and Student Services departments. You lead the five heads of department in an inspiring and coaching style. You help the team of the heads of department of the Faculty Office to develop further, and promote effective collaboration. You help to monitor the work climate, safety, and job satisfaction within the organisation.
  • You manage the planning and control cycle for Finance and HR within the Faculty. In this context, you work to ensure a healthy financial and personnel future in financially challenging times. In the process, you further strengthen the basis, together with the other members of the Board and the institute boards, in particular concerning financial transparency and HR.
  • You also work together with the Vice-Chairman of the Executive Board, the directors of administration of the other faculties, the directors of the expertise centres, and the Administration and Central Services department on developing a contemporary administration structure at Leiden University. We will soon be facing important challenges that we can only solve by working together. You actively contribute to University projects in this field, including designing a new internal financing system within the University, and harmonising processes for interfaculty collaboration and the development of Campus The Hague. In this context, you weigh the interests of the Faculty with those of the University as a whole.

Your profile
You are an energetic and inspiring administrator who is able to contribute to formulating and implementing the strategic course of the organisation, and you are able to motivate and involve others in the process in a positive manner. You are not afraid of taking difficult decisions and setting priorities. You have a lot of experience as an administrator in a semi-public context, preferably in a complex education and research environment. You also have a clear vision on administration, which you can translate, in collaboration with the institutes and services, into adequate services for education and research.

You are focused on collaboration at administrative, policy and operational level, both within and beyond the Faculty and the University. You have a broad vision and can easily navigate between the main policy lines and their translation into administration and management. In this context, you make use of your knowledge and experience in the field of finance, HRM, organisational development, marketing and communication, housing, ICT, legal affairs, and crisis management. You have an excellent command of Dutch (the administrative language of the University), but are also able to conduct administrative discussions in English with ease.

Finally, you have a good sense of political and administrative relations and participation, and you are a good listener. You know how to connect people and interests, while also maintaining your chosen course. In addition, you are aware of diverse interests, and you ensure a good balance between the primary process, Faculty administration, and the central frameworks. You are accessible, positive, caring, clear, and transparent.

The Faculty wishes to be a good employer for its staff and a place where ambitions and talents can flourish in a socially safe, positive, and inclusive environment. As an administrator, you are a role model in this.

What we offer

  • A dynamic international environment in which staff members are driven by their curiosity to push the boundaries of knowledge, for science and for the society of tomorrow.
  • An appointment – in line with the CLA of Dutch Universities – with the prospect of a permanent appointment. This is accompanied by an attractive salary. Depending on the candidate's education and work experience, the salary amounts to a maximum of € 9,680 gross per month (salary scale 16) based on full-time employment (38 hours).
  • Attractive working conditions, including reimbursement of expenses, an end-of-year bonus of 8.3%, paid parental leave, sabbatical leave, and the option of customising your working conditions (for more information, see here)

Leiden University's policy aims to stimulate professional mobility within the University. In this context, you will, if you are offered a permanent position, be appointed in your role for a period of four years, with the opportunity and intention of extending this period. It goes without saying that Leiden University is responsible, together with you, for ensuring a suitable continuation of your career after this period, either in the same or in a different role.

Diversity and inclusion are core values of Leiden University. Leiden University aims to be an inclusive community in which all students and staff members feel valued and respected, and thrive. We welcome diversity in experiences and perspectives because it enriches and strengthens our university community.

For more information about the content of the advertised position, please contact Martijn Ridderbos, Vice-Chairman of the Executive Board, at m.ridderbos@cvb.leidenuniv.nl, or Sarah de Rijcke, Dean, at decaan@fsw.leidenuniv.nl. For more information about the procedure, please contact Karin Nijman, HR adviser to the Executive Board at 06-23390644.

How to apply
If you are enthusiastic about this vacancy, we'd love to meet you. Please submit your motivation letter and CV no later than 21 January 2024 via the blue button.

Interviews will take place in the week of 17 February 2024. The references of the final candidates may be checked. A development assessment may form part of the procedure.

We aim to appoint the new Director of Administration by the end of the spring of 2024.

Acquisition in response to this vacancy is not appreciated.

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